Chris Toft Christensen

Frontend and UX geek.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • 2015 - Today - Interface Developer / UX Consultant at Valtech.
  • 2015 - Master thesis in co-operation with SKAT.
  • 2014 - 2015 - Front End Developer at 1508.
  • 2014 - Teaching Assistant in the master course Design for Digital Communication Platforms at ITU.
  • 2013 - 2015 -, M.Sc. Digital Design and Communication at ITU, major in Service Design.
  • 2012 - 2014 - Front End Developer at KVUC in the E-Learning department.
  • 2011 - 2012 - Second year of Bachelor at Georgia Tech, Atlanta.
  • 2010 - 2013 - B.Sc. Digital Media and Design at ITU.

Master Thesis

I taught Chris Toft Christensen in an ITU course called 'Frameworks and Architectures for the Web' where he demonstrated excellent design flair and front end Web programming competences scoring the highest grade in that course from a group of 35 Masters students. Based on that experience Chris approached me to supervise his final Masters thesis project. Together with another student, Mads Frank, Chris conducted an interactive design case study with the Danish tax agency (SKAT) where they were able to convincingly show that their design innovations were both qualitative and quantitative improvements through a comprehensive user testing methodology. In my experience this is the best (or one of the best) HCI and interaction design studies conducted at Masters level that I have seen. I would recommend Chris Toft Christensen to any employer.

Best regards,

Peter Eklund
HigherEd CXO
IT-University of Copenhagen

Teaching Assistant

Chris is a competent, independent, and patient teaching assistant.

I chose to hire Chris because of my pasts experience with his excellent record as a student of mine. The idea was that he would be perfect in taking on the challenge of helping students studying digital Design and Communication (MSc) learning both the technical, creative, and process-related tasks of developing hi-fidelity prototypes in my course Design for Digital Communication Platforms at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The students gave him a well-deserved and outstanding evaluation (lots of praise and a 6 out of 6 grading) for his splendid job helping, guiding, and supervising them on their individual and group projects. Chris is resourceful and a great person to have on any team as he adds to its value and works independently on the tasks he’s given with great results. Besides his personal and professional skills as a teaching assistant Chris is already an experienced developer, observant team member, and an engaged authority in his field.

I would recommend him for any position working with digital media and people, as he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about.

Best regards,

Kenny M. Møller
M.Sc. Digital Design and Communication
Technology sociologist, external teacher
IT-University of Copenhagen

Projekt E-læring

Chris Toft Christensen har været ansat på KVUC i elearningafdelingen, som studentermedarbejder (10-15 timer pr. uge) i perioden fra den 15. maj 2012 frem til den 5. april 2014, hvor han efter eget ønske har opsagt sin stilling.

Chris blev ansat som en del af Projekt e-læring, et to-årigt udviklingsprojekt, hvis mål var at udvikle et nyt undervisningskoncept, der kombinerede e-læring og undervisningsdifferentiering til gymnasier og VUC’er. I samarbejde med e- læringskonsulenter varetog Chris opgaver som opsætning, testning og redigering af materialer på SharePoint CMS. Arbejdet bestod blandt andet af billedredigering i Photoshop og styling af websider med CSS, webudvikling med kodning i HTML, JavaScript, samt jQuery. Derudover har Chris deltaget i editering af video i både Projekt e-læring og et eksternt projekt til (hjælpeværktøjer til ordblinde). Endelig har Chris kørt et selvstændigt udviklingsforløb i samarbejde med anden studentermedarbejder med udvikling af undervisningsmateriale om ”brøker, decimaltal og procent” fra idé til færdigt produkt.

Til stillingen lagde vi vægt på, at kandidaten havde erfaring med CMS, kunne arbejde med HTML og CSS, samt have erfaring med JavaScript og jQuery. Personen skulle være struktureret, detaljeorienteret, kunne bevare overblikket og arbejde selvstændigt. Derudover ledte vi efter en person med gode samarbejdsevner, som var udadvendt og god til at kommunikere.

Chris har været en afholdt person i afdelingen med rigtig gode faglige kompetencer og super gode personlige og sociale kompetencer. Han er en varm og venlig person med en stor portion humor, som spæder glæde omkring sig. Chris er en initiativrig og engageret person, der er hurtig til at sætte sig ind i nye områder og udfordringer. Han har gode samarbejdsevner, han er lyttende, han er god til at se muligheder og til at arbejde selvstændigt.

Chris har været en fremragende medarbejder, som jeg kun kan give de bedste anbefalinger. Jeg vil ønske Chris al godt fremover både privat og i karrieren, og står gerne til rådighed for uddybende spørgsmål og som reference.

Med venlig hilsen,

Michael B. Petersen
Elearning leder

Principles of Visual Design

I am writing in behalf of Mr. Chris Christensen who was in my class LMC2720 Principles of Visual Design, during the 11/12 academic year at the school of Literature, Media, and Communication Georgia Tech, while he did an exchange studentship.

LMC2720 is a fundamental visual design course that provides students with knowledge on graphic design principles such as forms, color, typography, and layout. These learning are practiced through various projects including brand identity design, poster design, and infographics. For these projects students learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign.

Chris was one of the most enjoyable students that I taught. As an instructor, having him was a rewarding experience. He was enthusiastic about the topics and projects of the class; he was very engaged in the class discussions and brought up insightful questions and critiques. He always completed all the projects at a very satisfying level without missing any deadlines. Ultimately, he finished the course as a top three student among twenty-two students, one of the best students among more than one hundred in terms of the accumulated final performance.

Besides the diligent attitudes for the class, Chris possesses both visual aesthetics and logical thinking that are critical for being an effective designer. He has a good understanding of typography planning, color combination and layout design, and executes his ideas in creative and logical forms. The quality of his work at my class was far beyond what is expected for the first-time visual design learners. I use many of his assignments as a part of good examples for students in the following semester.

Overall, through the interaction with him, I find that Chris is very motivated to learn new things and pushes himself to achieve more than what is required. I believe this quality is very important for one to develop himself or herself and to be successful in new environments. At last, I have an impression that Chris is very social and helpful in and out of the class. Upon his abilities, attitudes, and personality that I have observed, I am certain that he can grow himself as a successful and cooperative professional in a design-related industry.


Tanyoung Kim
Ph.D Candidate in Digital Media
Instructor at School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Georgia Institute of Technology

Documentary Film

I am pleased to give my recommendation for Chris Toft Christensen. He is a multitalented and hardworking professional, with remarkable creative aptitudes and a sharp intellect. I was privileged to have him as my student in the spring of 2012, when he enrolled in my course on documentary cinema.

I am a film studies professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA), where I teach classes on documentary, international cinema, and digital culture. Christensen was a student at Georgia Tech in the academic year 2011-2012 and left a strong impression with both faculty and students. While taking my documentary course, he proved to be thoughtful and engaging, and he contributed significantly to the success of the course. His enthusiasm and intellectual generosity were outstanding. Above all, he impressed me for his capacity to think with his own mind and articulate his ideas clearly and eloquently.

Christensen was also an enthusiastic team player, and in more than one occasion he showed a strong capacity for collaborative work. One of the assignments I gave my students was a group presentation on the impact of new media technologies on nonfiction cinema. His group presented a well-researched project on the ethics and aesthetics of new media activism. Subsequently, Christensen joined other students in order to make two short documentaries. The first one was an interview-based film shot in a traditional local restaurant, which focused on the lives of three of the restaurant workers. The second project was an experimental work shot collectively with several mobile phones and edited to create one narrative. In both works Christensen played a major role and was equally involved in the technical and intellectual aspects of the projects. His editing skills were especially important in the making of the second documentary, which included the use of footage shot spontaneously by different crewmembers.

More personally, Christensen is a delightful fellow. He is warm and friendly, with a broad smile and a quick sense of humor. He is also attentive and polite. I remember a number of occasions in which he engaged in lively discussions with his colleagues. And even when expressing contrary opinions, he remained congenial and respectful. He has been missed since he left Georgia Tech.

I look forward to hearing about Chris Christensen’s future achievements. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about his qualifications and capabilities. I can be reached at


Vinicius Navarro
Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology

Chris Toft Christensen

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